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State of CSS 2023

To help you keep up with :has(), @container, and all the other new CSS features, we're introducing a new feature of our own this year: the Reading List.

As you take the survey, you'll be able to bookmark any feature you want and learn more about it after you submit your answers.

This year Chen Hui Jing took the lead of the survey design process, building on the work done by Lea Verou last year. And as usual, your feedback here will play a key role in helping browser vendors prioritize their roadmaps and work towards better compatibility between browsers.

With all this out of the way, let's see how CSS has evolved so far in 2023!



How long will answering the survey take?
Depending on how many questions you answer (all questions can be skipped), filling out the survey should take around 10-15 minutes.
Who should take this survey?
This is an open survey for anybody who writes CSS, whether regularly or occasionally, as part of their job, as a student, or just for fun!
What is the survey's goal?
The survey's goal is to track the evolution of upcoming features and libraries, and help developers decide which new technologies to focus on.
How will this data be used?
All data collected will be released openly for any developer or company to consult. Browser vendors also use this data to prioritize focus areas and inform their roadmaps.
When will the results be released?
The survey will run until July 15, 2023, and the survey results will be released in the following weeks.
Who runs this survey?
This survey is run by Devographics together with a collective of contributors, translators, and volunteers.
How was this survey designed?
This year, thanks to a grant from Google's UI Fund, Chen Hui Jing was able to help manage the survey's open design process.
Where can I learn more?
You can learn more about this survey in our announcement post.


Special thanks to the following people for helping us design the survey.

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