This survey closed on November 15, 2023.

State of React 2023

As soon as React was first introduced, it was clear that it would become a big deal for the web.

It was used to build Facebook after all, and despite this weird "JSX" thing, developers quickly adopted it. And what's even more impressive, the community stuck on through major changes such as function components and hooks.

But it's now 10 years later and the newly-introduced React Server Components promise to be the biggest change since… well, since React itself!

Will the community follow along one more time? Or will developers jump ship to Svelte, Solid, or something else?

Let's find out together with the first ever State of React survey!



How long will answering the survey take?
Depending on how many questions you answer (all questions are optional), filling out the survey should take around 15-20 minutes.
Who should take this survey?
This is an open survey for anybody who uses React, whether regularly or occasionally, as part of their job, as a student, or just for fun!
What are the survey's goals?
The survey's goals are to measure awareness and popularity of React APIs, as well as libraries in the React ecosystem.
How will this data be used?
All data collected will be released openly for anybody to consult. Developers or companies may use it to prioritize focus areas and inform their roadmaps.
When will the results be released?
The survey will run from October 27 to November 15, and the survey results will be released shortly after that.
Who runs this survey?
This survey is run by Devographics together with a collective of contributors, translators, and volunteers.
How was this survey designed?
The survey was designed with input from the community through an open feedback thread.
Where can I learn more?
You can learn more about this survey in our announcement post.


Special thanks to the following people for helping us design the survey.

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